Flaming Pig BBQ

Welcome to Flaming Pig BBQ, Thomas and Jenny.

We would like to say thank you to everyone that have been with us for all this year's and have been following and supporting us from all around the world.

It has been an amazing trip, and we are very proud of all the projects we have done. We started as a small BBQ catering company and was selling BBQ products, started to give seminars, cooking classes and did BBQ competitions, started a restaurant and created the SMOKE IN THE NORTH BBQ COMPETITION, the first KCBS contest in Scandinavia ! We closed the restaurant after some years to do more work with only BBQ and opened a BBQ Shop. Not only that, we got the opportunity to do a very special project with Big Green Egg Europe, the WILD FIRE ON TOUR and traveled the world to inspire people and gave all our passion and knowledge to spread our food creations, a fusion of high class cuisine, great food products and authentic BBQ, made on the Big Green Egg. 

Time flies and as often even the best things have an end, things have changed in our private life.


Flaming Pig BBQ is HISTORY, Jenny and Thomas going separate ways now, but we proudly look back on all the good times and memories we had, we could have not done this without you all out there, a verry special thanks to all the people out there that supported us. We look back with a big smile and great memories in our hearts. 

We still do seminars, events and recipe shootings, private cooking and caterings, so don't be sad and think you lost us. We are still around, but with two different company's.

You still reach us both here with the contact form or personal via email : 

                             Jenny@flamingpigbbq.com      Jenny's Barbeque 


                             Thomas@flamingpigbbq.com         WildfireBBQ 

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